Our Programs

The Innovation comes from our Chapters.
Health Screening & Fair

The Health Screening & Fair is a key program in our organization. Run annually by many of our chapters, the program provides a unique opportunity for the community to walk-in and create a customized lifestyle plan that suits their needs, free of charge to the public. We believe in a holistic approach to preventive medicine. Our Universal Health Fair brings together physicians specializing in Cardiology, Dental, Gynecology, Urology, Podiatry, Gastroenterology, ENT, Ophthalmology, and many more so that participants are able to obtain a full-picture medical checkup catered to whatever needs they may have. Need follow-up care? Our partnerships with local hospitals and organizations allow us to provide the best follow-up care options for you, if need be.

PARTICIPATING: Ann Arbor, Columbus, Gary, Monroe, Toledo


Both within and separately from our Health Fairs, chapters run events specifically for students needed physicals for school, or for athletic participation. Led by physicians assistants, nurse practitioners, as well as physicians, physicals are given at no cost to the public. Though physicals are for the purpose of athletics of academics, they give insight to an individual’s overall quality of health, allowing physicians to recommend healthy living habits and follow up material for the patient. If you need a physical for work or any other purposes, bring a copy of your physical sheet, and the clinician would be happy to fill it out for you!

PARTICIPATING: Columbus, Toledo


Chapters create volunteering opportunities for their members, as well as partnering with other organizations in their local community. The Columbus Chapter has a history of partnering with other organizations, one of which is called Safepoint. A safe syringe access program, Safepoint strives to raise awareness regarding illegal drug usage and overdose prevention. The Ann Arbor Chapter at the University of Michigan creates a program named “Happy Healthy Kids” to provide after-school care with the Peace Neighborhood Center, and maintains a relationship with Grace Fellowship Church. We are more than happy to create new relationships with any organization who is willing!

PARTICIPATING: Ann Arbor, Cleveland, Columbus, Gary, Monroe, Toledo

Grocery Events

A number of chapters have participated in iterations of providing healthy foods for individuals in their local communities as well as throughout the nation. Whether through locally sponsored canned food drives, large-scale grocery delivery events, or partnering with established organizations, Universal Health Aid understands the importance diet has on one’s overall quality of life. The Toledo Chapter of UHA has integrated grocery delivery events into their Summer 2020 health initiatives, purchasing upwards of 1,500 pounds of fooding and donating the groceries to community organizations around their local community. To help combat the COVID-19 pandemic simultaneously, the chapter donated personal health bags consisting of toothbrushes/toothpaste, soap, and a hairbrush. If you have canned or dry goods available, please reach out to your respective chapter to donate!


Government Involvement

Universal Health Aid understands the importance of instigating change on a macroscopic level as well. To many chapters, the way to achieve this is by advocating for aspects of legislation via petition signing. UHA Cleveland also plans on holding open forums and educational seminars for both chapter members and the public to familiarize themselves with the specific articles within the act of legislation itself. Chapters also create programs to education individuals on the qualifications for Medicare and Medicaid. The Cleveland Chapter will be providing these services while simultaneously signing individuals up for the governmental health insurance they qualify for.



Podcasts are a method for Chapters to demonstrate their creative side of Public Health. These podcasts address numerous public health concerns and delve into the methods to reduce the social determinants of health. The Columbus Chapter has been the first to harness this means of communication to the public and have been their podcast available on iTunes and Spotify.



A trademark of the Monroe Chapter, haircuts have been provided by the chapter at their annual Universal Health Fair since 2016. Coordinating with local salons and barbers, UHA Monroe has taken a community centered initiative to contribute to increasing an individual’s overall quality of life. Though not being health related, providing haircuts aligns with Universal Health Aid’s mission to reduce the social determinants of health and to promote a healthy lifestyle for all. Please reach out to the Monroe chapter for more information regarding this initiative!


Unique Programs Implemented