Our Programs

UHA's variety of entirely free healthcare services looks to offer communities a healthier lifestyle
Universal Health Fair

Our largest and oldest program, many UHA Chapters organize and host comprehensive screening services for their respective communities.  These Universal Health Fairs offer a variety of medical specialties including dentistry, ophthalmology, cardiology, and family medicine provided by local healthcare professionals.  Blood sugar readings, cholesterol evaluations, and even school physicals are all available simply upon request.

Additionally, numerous local healthcare organizations and agencies provide educative services.  Individuals are encouraged to learn more about a wide range of topics pertaining to their own health and the public health of their community.

Sports Physicals

While our Universal Health Fairs are designed as health screenings looking to address specific concerns patients may have, we recognize the important need for servicing pre-participation physical evaluations— sports physicals.  For individuals pursuing school sports, we have the state-specific paperwork on hand and the medical personal necessary to help get you approved.

Groceries and Haircuts

The Monroe Chapter of UHA is proud to offer free groceries and haircuts to their community.  Working with the Monroe County Opportunity Program, UHA Monroe has launched their Mobile Food Drive initiative which seeks to provide individuals in need with two-weeks’ worth of food. 

Moreover, UHA Monroe has coordinated with local salons to provide barber services at their events so that individuals are able to receive haircuts upon request.

Both of these free services are hosted in conjunction with their Universal Health Fair.