Getting Involved

The Innovation comes from our Chapters.
There are many ways to get involved!

If you are passionate about getting involved in local action to improve your communities health outcomes, you have come to right place. Universal health aid is a registered non-profit that is comprised of over 500 students across our six chapters and national team. Our chapters have successfully carried out over 100 public health initiative since our formation in 2012 and are always looking for new students to join our organization. There are many ways to get involved with our current team on the local and national level, as well as to develop a Universal Health Aid chapter in your community.


Getting Involved with Local Chapter

Are you a student passionate about promoting community-driven action toward improving health outcomes? If so, there are six chapters of Universal Health Aid run by like-minded students that work with their local communities to mitigate social determinants of healthcare. To learn more about a chapter near you, check out our chapter’s websites and learn how to get involved!

Getting Involved with the National Team

The national team is responsible for overseeing the sustainability and growth of current and new chapters. We provide chapters with financial and branding infrastructure, hands-on developmental support, and connect them to nation-wide network of players in public health. If you are interested in working with a small team of students committed to promoting community-driven action, we are currently recruiting a new Director of Marketing. 

Starting a New Chapter

Are you a self-motivated and driven student who is passionate about mitigating social determinants to healthcare in your own community? You may be a good candidate for developing and leading a new chapter of Universal Health Aid. As a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit, we provide our chapters with financial and branding infrastructure, hands-on developmental support, and the network and platform to make real change in your community.

Government Involvement

Universal Health Aid understands the importance of instigating change on a macroscopic level as well. To many chapters, the way to achieve this is by advocating for aspects of legislation via petition signing. UHA Cleveland also plans on holding open forums and educational seminars for both chapter members and the public to familiarize themselves with the specific articles within the act of legislation itself. Chapters also create programs to education individuals on the qualifications for Medicare and Medicaid. The Cleveland Chapter will be providing these services while simultaneously signing individuals up for the governmental health insurance they qualify for.



Universal Health Aid is an entirely student comprised organization that has relied on generous donors like yourself to develop and execute public health initiatives since our formation in 2012. The work we do would not be possible without the support we receive from our sponsors and donors.

Unique Programs Implemented