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Where it Began.

After noticing significant health disparities within their communities, Gautham Madhira, Haitham Maya, & Zayd Safadi were inspired to address these issues.  Under the principle of “Help All, Serve All” their call to action was to use their resources and connections in healthcare to help change health outcomes for underprivileged people. Thus, Universal Health Aid (UHA) was founded in 2012.

Universal Health Aid was built on a commitment to serving the underserved through a multi-specialty screening and health education. The goal was to provide a service for people and communities who had limited or no access to affordable, quality healthcare. The initial idea to serve the local community quickly evolved into a mission that included providing preventive care for underserved groups across the midwest while also developing future leaders. 

The first UHA free health screening was held in the summer of 2012 in Monroe, Michigan. After much success, Gautham and Haitham were excited to bring Universal Health Aid to their hometowns of Toledo, OH. By recruiting passionate students from local high schools including Maumee Valley Country Day School, Ottawa Hills, and Southview, the pair were able to get the Toledo Chapter off of the ground.

Rapid Expansion & The Future

In the first few years, UHA Toledo saw massive growth. From serving 50 patients in their first year, to over 250 in their second year, the UHA Toledo team set the sky as the limit. Over the next six years, UHA Toledo continued to see unparalleled growth and innovation, and it remains the only high school run Chapter of Universal Health Aid. 

After a year of success within Toledo, UHA continued to expand. The next chapter to be founded outside of Toledo & Monroe was at the University of Michigan in 2013. In 2016, the next UHA Chapter was founded in Columbus at The Ohio State University. Today, UHA has a presence in multiple cities, including Gary, IN, Cleveland, OH, and Pittsburgh, PA. 

As Universal Health Aid looks toward the future, the National team has set new goals as the healthcare field continues to evolve. Since starting as a group dedicated to providing healthcare, UHA has taken a new direction of embracing a more community-driven, public health approach. UHA is in the unique position of building relationships and going into communities of need to provide services. UHA serves to educate and connect people to resources through our health services, while concurrently working toward mitigating social determinants of health. 


My past experience at UHA Toledo inspired me to continue my service to the community. Witnessing the unification of students, physicians, and patients along with the resources we can provide to support community members continues to inspire me to be part of the team in organizing such a monumental event that impacts the lives of others.

Anonymous High School Student

UHA Toledo

The future holds great things for this organization. It is inspiring to see what our chapters are able to accomplish in their local areas. Their compassion for the communities they work in allows our mission to flourish and our impact to grow. The work is not done yet, though. Through the building of future leaders, we look towards the day where our healthcare system is both accessible and equitable for all people.

Sachin Hejeebu

Former, Executive Director & CEO, Universal Health Aid